Solar Leasing Companies In Arizona

Who Is The Best Solar Leasing Company In Arizona?

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I have been contemplating converting over to solar at the home and office and decided to poke around online to see who’s who in the zoo. There seems to be a few companies in Arizona that lease equipment including panels and converters, then there are solar leasing companies that almost seem to broker deals for you. I’m not sure at this point what is better, leasing direct from the manufacturer, or going through a leasing agent to help identify how many panels I actually need. There seems to be some value in using a leasing agent, especially considering my lack of knowledge in regards to Solar panels and the hardware needed to make the system work. I came across this company online ( and reached out to them for feedback. It was immediately clear that these guys were experts in the solar industry and had the knowledge and experience to back those claims. The conversation was brief, but we ended up meeting later in the week for an energy audit on my home. For $99 bucks it was affordable enough to have done and results were a bit disappointing. Of course there were duct leaks in the addict making my AC unit inefficient, and some other areas around windows and doors that needed to be sealed. I ended up hiring an HVAC company in Tempe to come out and patch up the duct work, I was handyman enough to buy some weather stripping from Home Depot and get my doors and windows sealed up. After we took care of the duct leaks and re-sealed the doors and windows, they came back out to discuss our energy needs. Based on our monthly energy bills, the leasing agent was able to recommend the solar configuration that was best suited for the room on our roof, and our energy needs. Fortunately we had enough rooftop real estate to mount all the brackets and panels. They did a pretty good job with installation and kept the panels on the back half of the home, I didn’t want them to be visible from the street for multiple reasons. First, I think they are an eye sore, and second, I didn’t know if there were valuable components that would attract drive by thieves in the neighborhood. There was a time where thieves were climbing on rooftops and stealing copper from old swamp coolers, I don’t need that kind of activity on my roof! My overall experience with the Phoenix Green Team was really solid, the communication was solid the entire time and the guy I worked with followed through with everything he talked about. He walked me through the solar leasing options that were available and explained the terms very clearly. The HVAC team did a good job patching up the duct work, I could actually feel the air blowing a little cooler after they repaired the leaks. We haven’t had our solar system long enough to enjoy any savings, this is a long term commitment where the saving add up over time. Over all though we are happy and felt it was worth sharing our experience in our business journal. That’s it for now, time for a Cheese Steak!