Best Cheesesteak in Tempe

Forefathers Takes The Steak!

forefathers cheesesteak tempeSorry Geno’s but Forefathers takes the cake…. I mean, steak! I am a huge fan of eating in general and cheesesteaks make my list of favorite sandwiches right up there with a classic Ruben. But when it comes to finding a place that makes one similar to those made in Philadelphia it can become a difficult task locating a place to stuff your face. Thankfully for you I am going to spell this out in plain English for you, no translating, no hidden agenda, just pure, simple, truth! Forefathers is the best cheesesteak in Tempe and Phoenix! If you have never been there just Google it, it ain’t hard to find. It’s near the Ikea of the I-10, over by Dos Gringos for all you day drinkers. Now, you can dine in or you can take it to go. I have done both, and I continue to do both depending on my schedule. My preference however is to take it to go, there is something about that hot sandwich steaming within the foil wrap for 10 minutes that just makes it so bad ass when I get home. It’s like the bread soaks up a ton of flavor and softens enough to make that first bite an incredible moment in time. The “Whiz” and the steak juice combine to make the perfect “drip factor” and the sandwich becomes something of a legend for the 5 minutes it survives my carnivorous attack upon it. I like everything about the place, the people and the food are both amazing. However, I do have a family and eating there is a little pricey when you have a wife and kids. A meal with tax runs about $10, so to feed the 6 of us it’s a little pricey for a quick fix. Other ┬áthan that I have no complaints. It’s always clean inside and they are consistent with their product. I hate having a great experience with a food joint, only to return and have the same thing I ordered last time taste different than it did the first time. Consistency in the kitchen is a must if you are going to run a commercial kitchen and then guys have my stamp of approval!