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4 Of The Best European Cars Ever Made

Cars were first invented as a means of transportation. They revolutionized the way people traveled from one place to another. The first cars didn’t have much to offer. They had a motor, a metal framework, seats and steering wheels. But with time the cars became more comfortable and luxurious.

There were times when traveling was quite an ordeal, but with the latest technology, it soon becomes a pleasant experience. Now people enjoy driving, and many like going out on long drives for fun. Today, cars are also considered a status symbol, and having the latest model of a vehicle is considered quite an achievement by many.

However, no matter how advanced the cars become and how many additional features they have, certain classics never go out of style, and many have increased in value over the years. Although vehicles have been manufactured all over the world, there is something special about European cars that makes them stand out among the rest.

To further enlighten all the car enthusiasts out there, we have decided to give our two cents about the four best European cars ever made and hope you would like our taste in some of the most expensive cars ever made.

Aston Martin V12 Vantage

Aston Martin might be small in size, but it has one of the biggest engines. It doesn’t come cheap, and that’s for a good reason. This car comes with highly impressive interior features.

The Aston Martin V12 Vantage offers the ultimate sports car experience by packaging speed and power into a luxury sports car. Furthermore, it’s outstanding performance is paired with a highly luxurious interior that can be customized according to the buyer’s personal preferences.

With a classic carbon fiber interior to personalized sill plaques and advanced technologies, they have a wide range of interior accessories available. Moreover, the V12 Vantage even sounds impressive, kind of like an old fighter plane blazing across the sky, the engine makes you take notice.

2006-2010 BMW M5

Since its conception, the BMW M5 is the perfect option when it comes to comfort, executive, and sports vehicle style. The M5 was manufactured from 2006 to 2010, with a robust 5.0-liter V10 that helped offer stellar results.

Combined with BMW’s convenience and stability system, the M5 was (and is) a superpower that makes you feel like a superstar when you’re driving it.

2005 Porsche Carrera GT

Potentially one of the best vehicles ever seen in person is the amazing Carrera GT. Stylish curves and scoops highlight the elegance of this car, such that it all blends together seamlessly.

The Carrera GT is compact and powerful, and ever since it first came out, it was the most sought after and costly Porsche in the market. It weighed well over 3,000 lbs and had 600 horsepower being generated out of a 5.7-liter V10 engine.

The Carrera GT captured the hearts of other collectors and is now a legend regardless of its rareness. Plus, you can’t match the window displaying the V10 hiding behind the driver’s seat.

2017 Jaguar XKR-S

If there’s ever been a vehicle that’s shouting sporting luxury to the limit, it’s Jaguar’s XKR-S. It’s spacious, gets up fast, has precise handling, and incredible braking.

The car is broad and powerful, as is what you would expect from Jaguar, but it retains a sporty look and is enjoyable to drive. The XKR-S is an absolute pleasure to drive around on a Sunday afternoon or enjoy a leisurely trip along the shoreline.

Porcelain Sinks and Counters

If you’re renovating your home or perhaps even building it from scratch, you might be lost in an endless sea of materials and surfaces. Today, we’re here to make your decision easier by assessing the qualities of porcelain for not only sinks but countertops too!

Porcelain Sinks

To start, we’ll look at perhaps the more traditional use of porcelain; sinks. In your kitchen especially, you have a decision to make between porcelain and stainless steel…but which is best?

Well, stainless steel certainly has its merits. We think that it fits most styles, it works with modern appliances in the kitchen, and it’s also easier to clean and keep sterilized. What’s more, it’s a lighter material and therefore easier to install initially. Over time, most people find stainless steel to be the more stain-proof of the two materials and it’s less likely to damage mugs and glasses when accidental contact occurs.

 porcelian Sink

However, a strong percentage of people are choosing porcelain sinks for their kitchens too. Perhaps above all else, it adds a timeless, elegant, and luxurious appearance to the room. Additionally, many homeowners are able to have the same porcelain sink for the duration of their time in the home. With the glossy finish, it makes the room look cleaner and has a nice shine for all those who visit your home.

As time has gone on, the benefits of porcelain have only expanded too. For example, porcelain sinks are now available in a host of different colors. If you want a blue or yellow porcelain sink to match the rest of the kitchen, this is now possible. With stainless steel, some homeowners feel as though it looks too commercial and like something that you’d find in a restaurant kitchen.

Finally, for those with the environment on the mind, we should also note that many manufacturers are producing porcelain sinks using recycled materials. Not only do you get the timeless look, but you also do it while reducing your carbon footprint.

Porcelain Counters 

What about porcelain counters? Well, there are many benefits to choosing the material here too. Firstly, compared to the hardest and most durable granite, porcelain is 30% stronger. That’s right, you’ll have a tough surface exactly where you need it most. Even when cooking Thanksgiving dinner with pots and pans flying everywhere, the porcelain allows you to have confidence in the countertop. In fact, we know people who slice food on the counter without a chopping board because of the scratch resistant nature of porcelain (stay away from cutting meats this way!).

Porcelian Countertop

Furthermore, porcelain can also endure extreme heats. Again, there’s no worrying about the counter when trying to balance five different pans, baking trays, and hot dishes. At the same time, some sources have porcelain’s water absorption rate at under 0.5%. When a spillage occurs, there’s no need to panic and worry about potential damage.

Elsewhere, porcelain is resistant to stains, non-porous, UV light resistant, available in all sorts of patterns and colors, and environmentally friendly. Considering that it’s made of clay-based and other raw materials, you can recycle the whole countertop when you’re eventually finished with it. Also, we can’t ignore the lightweight nature of porcelain compared to other materials. Just because the material is extremely durable, this doesn’t mean it needs to be extra thick.

Ultimately, porcelain is a fantastic choice for both sinks and counters in the kitchen. Hopefully, you’ve seen why this is the case today. Will you choose it in your kitchen?

Best Roof Types for Arizona

For homebuilders in Arizona, the biggest challenge is finding roofing materials that would resist the extreme heat of the summer months and protection from the home from monsoon rains. Therefore, the materials that can withstand heat should be the first priority, and cosmetics should be secondary. We have enlisted some roof types that are ideal according to the climate and weather of Arizona and are used abundantly in residential and commercial buildings.

Clay Tile Roofs

The most basic roof type appropriate for Arizona houses is the clay tile roof, which comes in quite a few varieties. The material mainly consists of clay as the main component and is specially designed to endure extremely Arizona weather. Clay tile roofs are durable, last longer for up to fifty years, and stand up to sunlight and monsoon rains.

clay tile roof

What makes clay tiles a desirable roofing material is its wide variety of colors and designs. Some popular varieties include one-piece “s” mission, corona tapered mission, roman pan, turret tile, oriental-Japanese, and dome tile. All these types of clay tiles come in different shapes, colors, sizes, and are extensively used in residential roofing.

As for the maintenance and cost, clay tile roofs are high-priced when it comes to buying and installing; however, once the tiles are correctly installed, they do not require maintenance except for occasional cleaning.

Asphalt Shingle Roofs

Asphalt shingles are another popular choice for roofing in Arizona due to their affordability, wide range of colors, attractive styles, and a life span of about twenty-five years. Asphalt shingles are water-resistant, easy to install, and above all, budget-friendly.

Asphalt Shingle Roofs

Despite the advantages, asphalt shingles do have few drawbacks as well. For starters, their life span is less than other roof types, such as clay tiles. Other than that, asphalt shingles do require maintenance from time to time as they have a chance of rotting with time. As for the cost, they are quite affordable, and if we look at the value for money, asphalt shingles do the job quite well. They can be considered as an appealing choice for roofing in states like Arizona because they do reflect sunlight and can stand up against harsh weather conditions as well.

Foam Roofs

Another favorite choice of home builders and roofing contractors in Arizona is foam roofing, which helps to keep the home cool due to the insulation it creates. Foam roofing is usually used with other roof types to develop a layer of roofing that is created from polyurethane foam and applied as a liquid. With foam roofing, water does not seep inside the house/building and saves from damage that heavy rainfalls can have on a roof.

Foam roof

Foam roofing is also significant as it is lightweight compared to other types of roofing, such as clay tiles and asphalt shingles. It is considerably inexpensive and low maintenance and lasts for a long time.

The dry, arid weather of Arizona makes it inevitable for roofing companies to look for roof types that can withstand sunlight, are affordable and long-lasting. The roof types mentioned above have distinctive properties of their own, and that makes them the most popular choices for homebuilders in Arizona.

Digital Marketing For Beginners

Undoubtedly, Digital Marketing has taken the internet by storm. Many companies have taken advantage of Digital Marketing to bring their products and services to consumers that are surfing the web, looking for them.

But the question is, can beginners learn the skills necessary to market their products and services online effectively? If you are a digital marketing newbie, and you’re concerned about the learning curve, worry no more, here is your beginners guide to digital marketing.

Don’t get bogged down by thinking that this field is just for tech lovers. Anyone who has an interest in digital marketing and wants to learn something new can start now.

Let’s start with Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and talk about how it works, and how you can use it effectively as part of your digital marketing strategy.

Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is all about promoting your products and services to consumers that are actively referencing their computers, mobile devices, and tablets for solutions. If you have an offer, there is no better way to get it out in front of consumers, then by marketing to them online.

The primary goal of digital marketing is to provide benefits to potential customers. Other than that, if you are a beginner and want to learn something new, then digital marketing is a tremendous unique skill set to put under your belt. Similarly, Digital Marketing is a lot like traditional marketing; you need to find a primary audience and get your product and services in front of them.

Digital Marketing for beginners 

If you are a beginner and want to learn marketing strategies that are used in Digital Marketing, then here are some points that you should consider moving forward.

Reaching your potential customers: An online audience is one of the best ones to connect with. Because of the hyper-targeting that can be done, you can make sure that your advertising dollars are being appropriately spent. This is a big reason that digital marketing departments are allocated such large budgets for most businesses; you can easily reach your desired audience.

Increase Audience interaction: Digital marketers can easily interact with the audience by using various methods, including forums, websites, quizzes, apps, and much more. This type of engagement will make a lasting impression on the consumer and promote repeat business.

Online Marketing Events: Marketing events play a vital role in increasing product awareness. This is the reason digital marketers host live events such as webinars, courses, and many more to promote the products. Many of these events are free of charge and include guest speakers.

Skills needed for Digital Marketing 

Wondering what skills are required in Digital marketing? If you are a beginner and want to become an expert, then here are the skills that you should focus on to propel your career.’

  • SEO: Search Engine Optimization is the best skill that you can have as a beginner. This field is high in demand and can generate passive income for professional SEO practitioners.
  • CONTENT MARKETING: Digital marketers can quickly generate content for blog promotions. Instead of paying a premium to writers, digital marketers that can write content, can charge a premium, and save lots of money over time.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING: If you are a beginner and want to learn something new and quick with digital marketing, then social media marketing might be the best choice for you. It’s not only the most accessible platform to learn and practice on, but there is a lot of opportunities there to grow and expand your digital marketing services.

Solar Leasing Companies In Arizona

Who Is The Best Solar Leasing Company In Arizona?

leased solar panels

I have been contemplating converting over to solar at the home and office and decided to poke around online to see who’s who in the zoo. There seems to be a few companies in Arizona that lease equipment including panels and converters, then there are solar leasing companies that almost seem to broker deals for you. I’m not sure at this point what is better, leasing direct from the manufacturer, or going through a leasing agent to help identify how many panels I actually need. There seems to be some value in using a leasing agent, especially considering my lack of knowledge in regards to Solar panels and the hardware needed to make the system work. I came across this company online ( and reached out to them for feedback. It was immediately clear that these guys were experts in the solar industry and had the knowledge and experience to back those claims. The conversation was brief, but we ended up meeting later in the week for an energy audit on my home. For $99 bucks it was affordable enough to have done and results were a bit disappointing. Of course there were duct leaks in the addict making my AC unit inefficient, and some other areas around windows and doors that needed to be sealed. I ended up hiring an HVAC company in Tempe to come out and patch up the duct work, I was handyman enough to buy some weather stripping from Home Depot and get my doors and windows sealed up. After we took care of the duct leaks and re-sealed the doors and windows, they came back out to discuss our energy needs. Based on our monthly energy bills, the leasing agent was able to recommend the solar configuration that was best suited for the room on our roof, and our energy needs. Fortunately we had enough rooftop real estate to mount all the brackets and panels. They did a pretty good job with installation and kept the panels on the back half of the home, I didn’t want them to be visible from the street for multiple reasons. First, I think they are an eye sore, and second, I didn’t know if there were valuable components that would attract drive by thieves in the neighborhood. There was a time where thieves were climbing on rooftops and stealing copper from old swamp coolers, I don’t need that kind of activity on my roof! My overall experience with the Phoenix Green Team was really solid, the communication was solid the entire time and the guy I worked with followed through with everything he talked about. He walked me through the solar leasing options that were available and explained the terms very clearly. The HVAC team did a good job patching up the duct work, I could actually feel the air blowing a little cooler after they repaired the leaks. We haven’t had our solar system long enough to enjoy any savings, this is a long term commitment where the saving add up over time. Over all though we are happy and felt it was worth sharing our experience in our business journal. That’s it for now, time for a Cheese Steak!


Waste Management Open 2019

Preparing For The 2019 Waste Management Tour

phoenix open 2018

sexy golf skirtsWe are already preparing for the 2019 Waste Management Open in Scottsdale Arizona. I have been a few times as a spectator, enjoying the game while having some beers with friends. it can be quite a show on and off the course. People show up to entertain and be entertained and its never disappointing.  There are guys are there in droves watching everything but golf, some guys are there for the game, while others are there to run game! The women also show up in large groups and are partially there for the game and partially there to run game! I have seen some seriously sexy golf skirts out on that course, the girls there are fashion experts and everything looks like designer wear.  If you follow golf and want to follow a specific player across 18 holes it’s a beautiful course to walk and hang out on. The 2019 tour in Scottsdale Arizona looks to be an epic event. Tickets are already on sale, so it would be wise to get in on it before scalpers scoop everything else and triple the price on tickets. There are quite a bit of ticket options depending on your budget, of course its golf, ad of course it’s Scottsdale, so nothing is really affordable if you’re an ASU student. For the rest of you that have a few bucks in the bank and want to make the trip to the 2019 Waste Management tour, here are some pricing options for you to chew on.

Wast Management Ticket Prices – Some Popular Options

General Admission



General Admission Only

Wednesday | Thursday | Sunday


General Admission Single Daily Ticket

Friday | Saturday


General Admission Single Daily Ticket

Weekly Sponsor Package


• Free Admission on Monday and Tuesday courtesy of Ford Free Days.
• Ages 17 & under are free when accompanied by an adult.
• Tickets are also available at the gate.
• Weekly sponsor packages available.

party at the waste management tour

Military and First Responders – Free Admission

• All First Responders and Active, Reserve and Retired Military get free admission with one accompanying individual

Chairman’s Club

• Access to nine hospitality venues, throughout the week.

per badge

Grayhawk Members Club

• Enjoy all the amenities of four Members Club hospitality areas conveniently located throughout the TPC Scottsdale Golf Course.

Holes 9, 12, 17, & 18

4 Members Club badges per day | Monday – Sunday
Each badge is good for admission to the Members Club tents
Located on holes 9, 12, 17 and 18
Beer, wine, soda, lunch and light snacks are included
1 Reserved parking pass | good all week
Additional Members Club Badges:
Available with full package purchase only
Must be purchased by primary account holder
Limit 4 per day
$150 ea. Monday – Wednesday
$175 ea. Thursday – Sunday



Offering a variety of package types, this high-energy locale has something for everyone all week long.

Greenskeeper Package
Greenskeeper Reserved Table
Greenskeeper Cabana Package

Greenskeeper Package

Greenskeeper Reserved Table

Greenskeeper Cabana


2019 golf tour in scottsdale

Situated in the heart of the tournament and adjacent to the lake along the 18th fairway, Greenskeeper is the place to be and be seen. Offering a variety of package types, this high-energy locale has something for everyone all week long.

4 Greenskeeper credentials per day | Monday – Sunday
Complimentary breakfast and lunch buffet, snacks and open bar
1 Valet parking pass | good all week
4 Greenskeeper Reserved Table credentials per day | Monday – Sunday
Reserved Table in the Greenskeeper venue
Complimentary breakfast and lunch buffet, snacks and open bar
1 Valet parking pass | good all week
12 Greenskeeper Cabana credentials per day | Monday – Sunday
Cabana plus patio area with lounge seating
Complimentary breakfast and lunch buffet, snacks and open bar
2 Valet parking passes | good all week
Additional Greenskeeper, Reserved Table, or Cabana Credentials:
Available only with full package purchase.
Must be purchased by primary account holder.

Limit 4 per day Greenskeeper Package or Cabana
Limit 2 per day Reserved Table
$250 ea. Monday – Wednesday
$350 ea. Thursday – Sunday

Ussher Construction Phoenix Arizona

Ussher Construction – Arizona Roofing Company

I’m not here to bash Ussher Construction, but not everything we post in this Journal is a rave about a local Arizona business. These are our experiences, and like anyone else, we have experiences here in the valley that aren’t the best and feel that those need to be shared here with all of our readers. Currently we have three writers on staff that contribute content. It’s pretty simple, we share real life experiences as they need to be journaled. This entry is about Ussher Construction in Phoenix, and isn’t meant to be a bash on them but more about things to look for and questions to ask if they come knocking on your door to repair your roof. This is a rather small company, I could tell by how my calls were handled and essentially by the way the job was done. I think they may have good intentions, but there are definite areas of improvement that need to be evaluated.

Ussher Roofing – At My Door

Ussher Construction in Phoenix is primarily an outbound sales force that utilizes door to door sales strategies to generate business. We received a knock at our door about a free estimate due to some monsoon damage from recent storms. The young lady was very friendly and informative enough that we decided to give them a chance. Next we had a second individual return to talk about the process, gather information, and coordinate the insurance company to come out and give an appraisal. Throughout all our discussions, it was the insurance company I felt was going to be the biggest headache and they actually operated as you would hope they would. They inspected the damage, confirmed the roof needed to be replaced, and settled out with a check. What Ussher Construction does, is they will replace or repair the roof for the exact amount estimated by the insurance company. What we didn’t realize at the time is that the roofing crew hired to do our roof was just a group of guys in an old truck we could have hired from Craigslist for half three quarters of the appraisal cost.

Ussher Roofing – Tear Off And Installation

Honestly, they were pretty quick to start and had a dumpster in our yard rather fast. Communication was always pretty solid, and someone always called back or emailed. Nobody dodged my calls and that’s always nice. So they dropped the dumpster off and tore the roof off in about a day. Most everything made it into the dumpster and they did a mediocre job of cleaning the smaller debris around my property. I am still finding staples in and around my driveway and yard and would HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you advise anyone replacing your roof to clear your property with a magnet before wrapping the job up. The front right tire in my vehicle has a slow leak now that needs to be fixed because the staples weren’t properly picked up. Installation followed over the course of the next few days and the new roof looks really nice.

Ussher Roofing – Incomplete And Poor Craftsmanship

There is a small stretch of about 10 inches where they had ran out of drip edge and left the wood exposed. I didn’t notice this until the recent monsoons here in Arizona, otherwise I would have called them out on it while they were here, and I definitely wouldn’t have cut the second check yet. I would consider the job incomplete if I were a roofer and would have returned to replace the drip edge, or maybe used some oft he old drip edge that was torn off, I would have done something though because now the wood on the home is exposed to the elements and it wasn’t before they tore it off. That is incomplete to me! The Craftsmanship was a little half ass, I realize now that the actual crew was a few random guys trying to make a buck and not actual employees of the company. The truck wasn’t branded, no uniforms, no business cards, they were clearly hired help. The craftsmanship reflected this. There were areas on the roof as I walked it where shingles were loose, the ridge had flaws, the edges were cut past the drip edge in one area, and it looked like a 6k Job, not a 9k job. They also didn’t reconnect the air conditioning units drip feed properly, I had water running down my new roof and onto my patio for a few weeks until I was able to climb up there and finish the job right.

Ussher Roofing – Lack of Professional Opinion

The problem with sales people that are not roofers is that they don’t know much more than what they are taught in office meetings. My guess is that they bring on these door knockers, offer a commission to get the appraisal aligned, secure the insurance money, then hire random roofing contractors to bid the job or join their crew. However it works, it’s flawed for this reason. There was no professional opinion given outside of what the insurance adjuster said needed to be done. After the monsoons hit this past week, I called a professional roofing company here in the Valley to get an appraisal on a few of the flaws I wanted fixed. After talking with the owner (who was also a roofer) it became apparent that much of the wood paneling that creates the edge of the roof should have been replaced while the rest of the roof was torn off. This is the wood that the drip edge is secured to. There were areas around the entire house where this wood was rotting out and should have been replaced. I imagine the insurance adjuster isn’t going to give me anything extra, but it would have been nice while the roofers were up there if they would have notified me and offered that replacement option. Why put a new roof on bad wood? They did replace a few pieces of plywood, but the edging was left as is.


The overall experience wasn’t a bad one, they did what they said they would do. I think I could have had it done cheaper without them if I would have hired a real roofing company to do it for me. I think if I would have done that those details I have complaints about would have been addressed during the job ad I wouldn’t be calling out a roofing company now to make these fixes.

Some Information on The Web

• Ussher Construction LLC – Better Business Bureau

• Ussher Construction LLC – Contractor Information

Alternative Solutions CBD Oils Tempe AZ

CBD Oils And Natural Health Remedies In Tempe

where to buy cod oil in tempe

I was in Tempe this weekend just after the 4th of July and was in need of something to take this massive edge off that was lingering from my freedom celebrations. I was driving down baseline near Mill when I noticed a sign outside of a strip mall I frequent that was advertising CBD Oils. My headache was bad enough to justify swinging in and taking a bong rip of some CBD to clear that sucker up. Come to find out you don’t load CBD oil into bongs, but rather ingest them orally, vape them, or apply it topically. More on that in a moment. I waltzed in there looking like a million bucks, or at least a few bucks, and was greeted by an extremely friendly team of CBD specialists. There was a dude there (owner) that was super informative, shared more knowledge on CBD oils and the laws here in Arizona regarding cannabis than I’ll ever need to know. I was able to test out a few of the oils and hung out for 20-30 minutes talking shop with him. It was a really cool experience and he was a really cool dude. Another guy walked in and he had to tend to some business, but passed me off to the woman that was standing there who not only continued to provide me with more knowledge of CBD than I could have ever wanted, she also let me try some of the topical spray oils that help with muscle aches. My neck was a hot mess, as were my shoulders from a week long binge fest for the 4th. There were a few nights that I ended up sleeping on the floor and my body was hurting. It’s also possible that I fell asleep standing up and made my way to the floor without knowledge of the decision. I really felt like I had walked into a wall, my shoulders, neck, and head were killing me and I was ready for some anti-inflammatory and a beer. I ended up buying a vape pen and a small bottle of CBD oil to take home. I didn’t feel much from the sample rip they gave me, but got home and took about 7-8 fat rips off that thing and felt a calming sensation come over me. CBD oil isn’t heady, you don’t get high, but you do feel relaxation after you vape enough of it. I think they had told me 2 rips would be enough to take the edge off, but like I said it took more like 7-8 fat rips before I felt the calm. That might not be the case for everyone, I did kill a 30 pack the night before so I can be a little excessive when it comes to consuming substances.


5 Known Health Benefits of CBD Oils

Below are some benefits CBD Oils provide. To read about these in detail you can visit this site I grabbed this info from right here –

  1. Pain Relief
  2. Seizure Relief for Epilepsy
  3. PTSD Relief
  4. Cancer Fighting Elements
  5. Lowers Risk of Diabetes

organic cbd oil in arizona

I Highly Recommend Alternative Solutions In Tempe, AZ

For anyone contemplating trying out CBD oils but want more information first, these people are the ones to talk too. An overdose of knowledge is what I felt walking out of there and there was nothing “pitchy” about it. They were cool cats that seemed super sincere and willing to help as much as they could. They offered multiple samples of their products, explained Arizona CBD laws, and invited me to a free workshop to learn more about CBD Oils and all the benefits they have to offer. I know there are benefits beyond tension relief, but that was all I was in need of that day and my vape pen provided that and then some. I wish I could remember their names so I could point you in the right direction, but I can’t. I will give you all the contact information I can find online and list it below. Seriously though, check this place out if you are looking for CBD Oils in Tempe.

Alternative Solutions

Phone (480) 417-6451
123 E Baseline Rd., Suite D-101, Tempe, AZ 85283


2016 BBB Torch Awards for Ethics Finalist: Arizona Carpet and Restoration

2016 BBB Torch Awards for Ethics Finalist: Arizona Carpet and Restoration
Amy Robinson tells us how Arizona Carpet and Restoration became an outstanding company for business ethics in Arizona.

Follow the link to nominate a business for the 2017 Torch Awards:

Arizona 360 – February 23, 2018

Arizona 360 – February 23, 2018
0:42 – Operation Stonegarden
4:34 – Severe flu season
9:41 – Oro Valley development
17:03 – Immigration attorney on DACA
21:53 – Thornhill Lopez Center