Month: March 2021

Custom Leather Wallet Gifts

I became a lucky man this year because I married the woman of my dreams! I was so full of nerves when I popped the big question. I took my girlfriend on a day-long hike in the Chiricahua mountains in southeast Arizona. It is a 9 mile loop full of majestic rock formations, steep grades, and beautiful pines. Halfway through the hike, short of breath from the climb, I took a knee and proposed. She was caught totally by surprise, burst into tears and said yes! We got right to planning our wedding. We opted to marry quick, rather than some of those long engagements we’ve seen with our friends. So we decided to split planning tasks to get the ball rolling. While my fiance was running around and arranging things like the venue for the wedding ceremony and reception, I got busy looking for great gift ideas for our bridesmaids and groomsmen. Our friends have been such an important part of our life. Many of them contributed to our relationship directly, including the friend responsible for us meeting in the first place. We met during a regular Saturday game of ultimate frisbee. This day there were a few new players including my future wife. I was running to catch the frisbee when she came tumbling into me trying to beat me to it. Sparks flew immediately between us, and I knew I needed to ask her out! Anyhow, those friends who brought us together on that fateful ultimate frisbee day deserved great gifts! I thought my groomsmen would really dig custom leather wallets.


I wanted something better than what you find at a department store or mall. Something that was handmade, rather than made on the assembly line. I figured I would have some personalized custom leather wallets made for my boys. I searched around online and found a few custom leather wallet makers, and sent emails off to each one. The first guy who contacted me was from Hotchkiss Leather. I explained to him that I wanted unique personalized wallets and asked him for some ideas. I knew I wanted to have them embossed with their initials, but wasn’t sure what style wallet to pick. He sent me links to all his most popular items, and suggested the Classic Men’s Bifold Wallet. I thought that was a great choice, so I placed an order for 4 of them with each groomsmen’s initials stamped on the inside corner. I also needed 4 gifts for the bridesmaids, and asked him what ideas he had. He suggested I go with some leather tote bags that are monogrammed as well. There was a range of beautiful color options, and I settled with turquoise. I told him we were in a rush, because our wedding was only a few weeks away and my bachelor and her bachelorette parties were coming up quick. He said no problem and that he would rush the order to get it to me in time. All the items arrived in time and we both couldn’t be happier with the results. They all loved their custom leather wallets and totes!

Black Leather Wallet with Initials

Custom Leather Wallet With Initials