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All You Need to Know about Residential Glass Replacement

Windows play a more crucial role in our homes than just providing ventilation or letting in light. A home with good attractive window panes and shiny clean glasses creates a good impression on the guests as well as outsiders. These residential glasses, however, need replacement from time to time and hence should be taken care. This article will tell you all that you need to know about window glass or residential glass replacement.

What is the right time to replace old residential glass?

  1. In case of a broken glass plane.
  2. Condensation, fogginess or streaking between the glass panes.
  3. In case of drafty windows
  4. Difficulty in cleaning the glass

A glass replacement is a more temporary and short term fix as compared to an entire window replacement.

The benefits of residential glass replacement are:

  1. Increasing your home’s security

Old glass panes do not have the ability to withstand exterior force and damage which means that any burglar can easily break your window glass and enter your home. With newer and modern window glasses, you can have access to newer technology and increased security. Hence, if you are looking to upgrade the security status of your house, you may start by investing in better replacement for your residential glasses.


Double glazed windows are also more difficult to break as compared to single glazed windows. You can increase your home’s security by choosing toughened or laminated glass.


  1. Shielding against noise

Modern day residential glasses are uniquely designed and laminated where two panes of glass are sandwiched together to block out noise. Some glasses also have double glazing that provides better insulation from noise as compared to single glazed windows. With these features, you can have a quieter and more peaceful environment inside your house.


  1. Less interior damage

The furniture or belongings that are close to windows get affected by sunlight. The UV rays in the sunlight cause damage to the décor, carpets and furniture. Residential glasses that are double glazed reduce the UV radiation that enters your house. These glasses also provide insulation that protects the décor and furniture from damage due to fluctuations in temperature.


  1. More Eco Friendly

Newer and modern glasses with double glazing reduce energy consumption which as a whole is better and safer for the environment.


  1. Easy to maintain

Double glazed glasses are equipped with clean technology which makes it easier for us to clean and break down dirt. Without any hassle, you can wipe off the condensation build up so that the frames don’t get rotten and try to avoid harsh means of cleaning.


Selecting the right glass

Residential glasses come in various varieties such as laminated, insulated and tempered. Tempered glasses are three to more times stronger than original glasses and are best for safety purposes. Laminated glass is the best if there are small children in the house because it doesn’t shatter easily. If you live in a humid area with high temperatures, insulated glasses are the best choice for you.


Simple sounding decisions like whether or not to upgrade our old window glasses with new and more efficient ones can have long term impact on the appeal, energy efficiency and maintenance of our homes.

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