Arizona Head Shop Owner Says Legal Pot Law Will Put Him Out Of Business…

Arizona Head Shop Owner Says Legal Pot Law Will Put Him Out Of Business…
Thom speaks with caller Chris, who says that his family business – a head shop – will be put out of business by the cronyism included in the legislation.

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14 thoughts on “Arizona Head Shop Owner Says Legal Pot Law Will Put Him Out Of Business…

  1. I’m begging anyone who might also live in Arizona watching this to vote YES on prop 205. We can deal with the profit structure after we’ve established that not one more Arizona resident should be in the back of a police car for possessing negligible amounts of marijuana.

  2. I wonder if Arizona, due to its climate, would be an awesome place for outdoor growing farms.

  3. what a crybaby. That which can be destroyed by the truth, ought to be destroyed by the truth. And the truth is cannabis is less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco.

  4. His store is going out of business? So, what? Even if he and his entire family starved to death on the streets, it would still be a net positive when you remove the threat of incarceration for small quantities of pot. Oh no, you can only possess an ounce at a time. First off, you know you have the right to buy more right? Secondly, even as a heavy smoker, you don’t need to have more than an ounce at one time. Hell, most people can’t even handle more than a 1/8 per day.

  5. So to save a persons job (that will be automated anyway) we should kill people because somebody needs a “job” Capitalism = Garbage in Garbage out.

  6. Legal weed is a licence to print money. The shareholder meetings would be fucking awesome. People just slouched in their chairs, with smoke hanging over the room. My god, it’ll be beautiful.

  7. Thom, I feel the same way. We are voting for items that we the people don’t know what they are all about. For example, in all elections there are at least six initiatives with different stipulations, different languages, and different types of tricks. Some of them yes means no and no means yes. Some of them have and or an or. Some of them have complex language that’s full of legal jargon. At the end of the day the wording may not be beneficial to the people.

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