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Agile Business Analyst Training Arizona.mp4
Agile Business Analyst Training is a two day comprehensive course that builds your knowledge and skills in the Business analysis areas of knowledge, their associated activities and tasks, and the skills necessary to be effective in their execution within the framework of agile software development. Much like other methodologies, business analysis is central to the success of agile projects. Business analysis is necessary to enable a diverse group of customers to speak with a single voice.

The course explores the agile approach in defining, estimating, and prioritizing requirements. Using SCRUM as a reference, participants will learn how to build a Product Backlog, write user stories and complete reviews and retrospectives. Emphasis will be on learning how to succeed in agile environment and adapting current business analysis methods towards SCRUM approach. Participants will apply what they learn in a series of hands-on activities using a realistic case study that takes them through the agile requirements process.

Agile Business Analyst Training is about ensuring the right information is available to the team with the right level of detail at the right time, so they can build the right product.

Candidates will learn:

The Importance Of Business Analysis And Key Principles In An Agile Environment.
How Business Analysis Is Performed In Agile Life-Cycles.
How Agile Practices Modify Business Analysis Tasks That Are Useful In An Agile Context.
Information On New Techniques And Additional Information On Existing Techniques.