How to Raise Money for Non-Profit Organizations

Every year, non-profit organizations cry out for donations. If you want to do your bit, congratulations on making the effort and wanting to make a difference in people’s lives this year. Non-profits all over the country are helping those in need, and they rely on donations to continue operating. But how do you raise money for one this year? 


Firstly, communicate with the non-profit organization because they may have a system in place for those who want to raise money for them. Rather than going it alone, the non-profit will offer plenty of support (as well as some resources). For example, they might send banners and other materials if you’re holding an event, a web page on which you’ll receive donations, and other resources. Furthermore, the non-profit may also share your story on their social media channels. 

Why should you contact the non-profit Consultants? Because it also helps you to establish ground rules. When raising money for a non-profit, the last thing you want to do is step on their toes or make them feel uncomfortable. They will explain how to raise money in the right way while following the appropriate rules. 

While communicating with the non-profit, you can also ask whether they have an upcoming event in which you could partake. For example, they could have spots open in the local 10k run or 10-mile cycle. Often, non-profit organizations are looking for helpers for existing events so they may prefer you to help with an ongoing event rather than starting a new one. 

If you’re intent on raising money in a particular way, speak to them because they will have advice (they’ve seen it all before!). 


If you’ve spoken with the non-profit, you may now have to come up with a fundraising idea. Here are some amazing ideas for fundraising in 2021: 

  • Get your kids involved with a community bake sale 
  • Host a games night for the community (video games, board games, or both) 
  • Do a charity car wash 
  • Host a ‘break a world record party’ and see if anybody can 
  • Run a marathon or take on another physical challenge 
  • Hold a mini-Olympics in the community 
  • Donate your hair 
  • Auction off skills 
  • Run a disco evening 
  • Guess the name of the animal 
  • Offer a quiz to the locals 
  • Do a sponsored walk

In truth, there are millions of ways to raise money in 2021. If you’re struggling, look for even more ideas online. Normally, it’s best to do something that you enjoy and can complete to a high standard. Also, get the community involved to raise even more money and consult with professional fundraising services.

Top Tips for Fundraising 

Firstly, don’t be afraid to get digital. It’s a scary world, but people these days would rather donate on a website than give cash. Therefore, start a donation page (people will also enjoy watching the fund on this page rise). After starting the page, don’t be afraid to share it on social media and local websites. Often, people feel as though they’re going to annoy friends by constantly posting a donation link. Ultimately, those who don’t want to donate will ignore it. The rest will follow your journey and give to the charity. 

Secondly, ask people for help. Although the fundraising was your idea, you’re not alone. If you’re running a coffee morning, for example, ask for help from friends, family, and other locals. 

Thirdly, have fun and remember the goal of raising money for the non-profit organization!