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I was in Tempe this weekend just after the 4th of July and was in need of something to take this massive edge off that was lingering from my freedom celebrations. I was driving down baseline near Mill when I noticed a sign outside of a strip mall I frequent that was advertising CBD Oils. My headache was bad enough to justify swinging in and taking a bong rip of some CBD to clear that sucker up. Come to find out you don’t load CBD oil into bongs, but rather ingest them orally, vape them, or apply it topically. More on that in a moment. I waltzed in there looking like a million bucks, or at least a few bucks, and was greeted by an extremely friendly team of CBD specialists. There was a dude there (owner) that was super informative, shared more knowledge on CBD oils and the laws here in Arizona regarding cannabis than I’ll ever need to know. I was able to test out a few of the oils and hung out for 20-30 minutes talking shop with him. It was a really cool experience and he was a really cool dude. Another guy walked in and he had to tend to some business, but passed me off to the woman that was standing there who not only continued to provide me with more knowledge of CBD than I could have ever wanted, she also let me try some of the topical spray oils that help with muscle aches. My neck was a hot mess, as were my shoulders from a week long binge fest for the 4th. There were a few nights that I ended up sleeping on the floor and my body was hurting. It’s also possible that I fell asleep standing up and made my way to the floor without knowledge of the decision. I really felt like I had walked into a wall, my shoulders, neck, and head were killing me and I was ready for some anti-inflammatory and a beer. I ended up buying a vape pen and a small bottle of CBD oil to take home. I didn’t feel much from the sample rip they gave me, but got home and took about 7-8 fat rips off that thing and felt a calming sensation come over me. CBD oil isn’t heady, you don’t get high, but you do feel relaxation after you vape enough of it. I think they had told me 2 rips would be enough to take the edge off, but like I said it took more like 7-8 fat rips before I felt the calm. That might not be the case for everyone, I did kill a 30 pack the night before so I can be a little excessive when it comes to consuming substances.


5 Known Health Benefits of CBD Oils

Below are some benefits CBD Oils provide. To read about these in detail you can visit this site I grabbed this info from right here –

  1. Pain Relief
  2. Seizure Relief for Epilepsy
  3. PTSD Relief
  4. Cancer Fighting Elements
  5. Lowers Risk of Diabetes

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I Highly Recommend Alternative Solutions In Tempe, AZ

For anyone contemplating trying out CBD oils but want more information first, these people are the ones to talk too. An overdose of knowledge is what I felt walking out of there and there was nothing “pitchy” about it. They were cool cats that seemed super sincere and willing to help as much as they could. They offered multiple samples of their products, explained Arizona CBD laws, and invited me to a free workshop to learn more about CBD Oils and all the benefits they have to offer. I know there are benefits beyond tension relief, but that was all I was in need of that day and my vape pen provided that and then some. I wish I could remember their names so I could point you in the right direction, but I can’t. I will give you all the contact information I can find online and list it below. Seriously though, check this place out if you are looking for CBD Oils in Tempe.

Alternative Solutions

Phone (480) 417-6451
123 E Baseline Rd., Suite D-101, Tempe, AZ 85283